BSHS Summer Reading

Freshman Academy Summer Reading Book:
Kids of Appetite

ASSIGNMENT LINK (will need to print)
Click here for the rubric: Summer Reading Assessment Criteria

Step 1: Directions: While reading Kids of Appetite by David Arnold, write down 3 quotes that you can relate to--one from the beginning of the book, one from the middle of the book, and one from the end of the book--on the document linked above. Make sure you record the page # for each quote.

Directly after each quote, please answer the two questions below in at least 3 sentences each:
What is the context of this quote? (Who is speaking? What was going on in the book when this quote occured?)
How do you relate to this quote?

This is due on the Summer Reading PBL day on Thursday, August 22, 2019. Please be prepared to complete additional activities and discussions based on your readings once the school year begins.

Step 2: Assignment to be completed after reading:
Find a community member that would be willing to give you about 15 minutes of their time for a short discussion. This can be a family member, neighbor, camp counselor, coach, etc. Write down their name and relation to you.
Give them a verbal summary of the book.
Read them the 3 quotes that you selected.
Ask them which quote of your 3 stuck out to them the most and why. Write down their answer.

For Questions:
Contact Freshman Academy English Teachers:
Giselle Boulanger, Alexandra Nau, Maggie Schuh, or Laura Shimko

Contact Freshman Academy Couselors:
Brandy Jones or Yvette Thompson