BSHS Summer Reading

Leadership Academy Summer Reading Book:
I Am Malala (Young Readers' Edition)

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Click here for the rubric: Summer Reading Assessment Criteria

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Step 1: Directions: Write a description of what each word means to you:
Social Justice

Step 2: Directions: Using your copy of I am Malala, complete the document linked above in its entirety by the first school day of the 2019-2020 school year.

As you read the text, focus on the following topics:
Leadership - heroes, fame, peace/goodness, role models, courage, tenacity, ways to lead
Education - where it is/isn’t available, power of education, life without it, costs, differences in gender/class
Social Justice - women’s rights, class based discrimination, prejudice/inequalities, inclusiveness, standing
Understanding Context and Culture - hospitality, cuisine, tradition and politics, religion, politics, war and conflict

When you read something that connects with one of these topics, write it down!

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(Frances) Cass Dwyer

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Annie Belding